PHD Solutions creates powerful IT products for companies that want to improve their infrastructure processes to generate cost-savings or new revenue streams.

We specialize in providing sophisticated turnkey transportation, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, delivery, security, and communications solutions for companies lacking the required in-house development cycles or expertise.

Through our proven PHD Process, the valuable potential inherent in our client’s operations is fully realized. The solutions include systems compatibility, and analysis of potential uses and requirements, seamless integration into existing technical infrastructure, efficiency, security compliance, health-checks, backup policies, scalable solutions, and more. With forward-thinking design, PHD’s solutions easily adapt and evolve to suit your needs.

PHD Solutions’ talent for integrating new software techniques and products on the cutting-edge of technology is ideally suited for today’s – and tomorrow’s – complex business challenges including:

    • Mobile & IoT development and Integration
    • Backoffice Development and Systems
    • Computer Vision
    • Machine Learning
    • Unattended Kiosks
    • Industrial Automation

Mobile & IoT development and Integration

As the Internet of Things continues to grow at a rapid pace, organizations require sophisticated software to drive successful machine-to-machine (M2) solutions in industrial, commercial and private automation, and control markets.

PHD Solutions provides end-to-end mobility solutions for Android and iOS that combine smart backend development and connectivity for loT devices and custom equipment with intuitive, yet robust, user interfaces for operators and management.

Challenge PHD Solutions to solve your mobile and IoT development and integration business challenges.

Backoffice Development & Systems Integration

PHD Solutions excels in creating scalable APIs for a wide range of client automation challenges to connect remote devices and equipment and glean the data needed to drive efficiency in business.

Using secure online portals, dashboards, data warehousing, reporting, and online transaction processing systems, PHD Solutions makes sense of complex company data and analytics in visually effective ways for rapid staff access, comprehension and response.

Challenge PHD Solutions to solve your backoffice development and systems integration business challenges.

Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Advanced computer vision technologies allow real-world three-dimensional objects, two-dimensional images, and identification labels containing barcodes and character data to be recognized, scanned and digitized. PHD Solutions develops the processes that converts the data into usable and reliable business tools.

Need to know the volume of thousands of irregularly shaped objects rapidly moving along a conveyor? The number of smiling faces looking at store aisle displays? The odd piece out of a mass-produced batch of widgets? Business challenges like these require machines to learn how to recognize the data, and correctly interpret what they see. PHD Solutions designs the intelligent software that powers the learning and analytic processes that converts the information into reliable business results.

Challenge PHD Solutions to solve your computer vision and machine learning business challenges.

Unattended Kiosks

As companies look for new ways to provide convenience and efficiency to their customers, unattended kiosks are becoming a part of life. Whether it is ticket printing, product ordering, cash-less payments, shipping parcels, or visitor registration, PHD Solutions can help.

PHD Solutions are experts in providing intuitive kiosk software solutions to our clients. We provide end to end solutions from hardware integration through to back-office integration.

Challenge PHD Solutions to solve your kiosk business challenges.

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Industrial Automation

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) connect machine operators to your industrial automation solutions. Our engineer-to-order software solutions can be built to suit any process in the manufacturing space.

We bring a contemporary software development process into the manufacturing sector.  On the surface, a highly graphical UX driven design philosophy provides intuitive control in order to deskill operation of any machine while under the hood, our component driven architecture allows flexible hardware and process choices.

Challenge PHD Solutions to solve your industrial automation challenges.

Benefits of PHD Solutions

  • Solution-driven results: intelligent software solutions designed to generate cost-savings or new revenue streams.

  • Broad range of experience and talent: Mobility and Internet of Things Development and Integration, Back Office Development and Systems, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
  • Value: right-sized company and proven development processes allow us to work lean.
  • Great to work with: expertise with major languages and platforms like .NET, JAVA and PHP means we understand your ideas for API integrations.
Purolator Quick Stop Kiosk

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PHD Solutions is proud to have developed the software for Purolator’s first Quick Stop Kiosk.

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PHD Solutions is ready to understand your needs, and to create an intelligent software solution for your complex business challenge.

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