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Redefine Efficiency with enVision Dimensioning Solutions

Reduce shipping costs. Increase billing accuracy. Recover revenue. Increase productivity.

enVision by PHD Solutions is a certified, affordable, fully integrated parcel dimensioning platform, capable of automatically measuring parcels in milliseconds using a compact, industrial-grade camera system.

Interested in automated dimensions capture for your operation but aren’t sure how to put it all together? At PHD Solutions Inc., we have decades of experience creating all manner of software solutions for the Supply Chain Logistics industry. Reach out and let’s chat!

PHD SolutionsPHD Solutions
PHD Solutions - Supply Chain Logistics Companies

Shaping the future of Logistics

Take your Supply Chain Logistics business to new heights with our professional and cutting-edge technology solutions.

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enVision 100S - For Courier & Postal

Recover revenue. Increase productivity & traceability. All for a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions. Certified Legal for Trade in Canada, the enVision 100S static dimensioner is an attractive and affordable solution for Courier and Postal operations looking to introduce automated dimension capture into their process. Its versatility enables it to be used either as a stand-alone device or fully integrated into existing reweigh and tracking systems.

Use Cases for Distribution Centers:

Streamline dimensioning and reweigh processes
Capture Legal for Trade dimensions

Use Cases for Retail:

Capture dimensions at induction time, increasing accuracy of shipping costs
Capture of Legal for Trade dimensions
Direct POS system integration


Compact and versatile
No-nonsense 3-year full replacement warranty
Measurements Canada Certified Legal for Trade
PHD Solutions - Supply Chain Logistics Companies

Shaping the future of Logistics

Get ahead of your Supply Chain Logistics challenges with our expertly crafted solutions.

For Logistics and Order Fulfillment

Reduce Shipping Costs. Fulfill orders faster. The enVision K150s desktop dimensioning station streamlines the order fulfillment process logistics or fulfillment operations of any size. In under a second it can dimension and weigh an object and push that data directly into your order fulfillment or WMS platform. No additional equipment needed!

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Use Cases for Distribution Centers:
Order fulfillment
Accurate Shipping cost estimation
Auditing and reconciliation
Object dimensioning at any stage of the supply chain life cycle

Direct Shipping System / WMS integration via enVision Cloud
Automated capture of dimensions and weight
Web-based or mobile app interface
Centralized cloud-based infrastructure

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