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for better internet securityby experienced software professionals

Need to ensure secure access for your web-based applications? Challenge accepted.

Many of today’s enterprise systems are built as web-based solutions exposed to public internet. Our team is very familiar with the challenges of properly securing access to these systems including solutions that require sophisticated access levels and permission sets.

PHD Solutions has decades of experience in crafting best-of-breed authentication and authorization systems following the very latest of industry best practises in this field. Our experience includes:

  • Designing secure and stable web applications
  • Integrating with external identity providers
  • Architecting multi-factor authentication systems, including biometric authenticators performing face detection and recognition

If you’re looking for an intelligent solution for Internet Security, we invite you to contact us today.

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Related Technologies

We work as trusted technical partners with our clients to identify and develop intelligent software solutions to address business challenges. View some of our other areas of expertise.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

In a world of mass file storage, we can help with the time-consuming task of finding files within a large library.

Custom Web Applications

We excel at creating custom web-based user applications – the most common system architecture utilized in line of business software systems today.

Embedded & IoT Applications

As the Internet of Things continues to grow at a rapid pace, we can help you architect sophisticated software that drives successful machine-to-machine (M2) solutions.

Case Studies

Our intelligent software solutions are used every day, by thousands of people, across a diverse range of industries, devices and appliances.

mobile phones


PHD Solutions worked with Voortman Bakery to develop an advanced system that greatly improved the efficiency of their product distribution.

3 smart phones


PHD Solutions worked with Dicom Transportation Group to develop an advanced solution that has significantly improved the performance of their day-to-day operations.

Purolator quick stop


PHD Solutions worked with Purolator to create intelligent software for their first-of-its-kind standalone ‘shop and ship’ Quick Stop Kiosk.

We partnered closely with PHD Solutions to design and develop our innovative and industry leading software that supports our entire operations. They have delivered an excellent, robust, and stable platform used daily by hundreds of our employees and clients.

Liz Scott, PhD, CEO Organizational Solutions Inc.

PHD Solutions changes the way we do business

PHD delivered everything they said they would

We needed an integration partner that understood our complex security and usability requirements – PHD Solutions delivered on every front.

Ray Ganong, Co-Ceo, Applied Recognition Inc.

With razor thin margins, we needed razor sharp software partners

Voortman Bakery
When we needed a solution to help be first to market with our product – PHD Solutions helped us deliver in record time! The solution has our customers and employees raving about the speed and sleekness of service.
Jacqueline Jennings, Retail Strategy & Transformation Manager, Purolator Inc
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