PHD Solutions takes the best of the results-driven agile process and combines it with the best aspects of a traditional waterfall approach to create a more compact and client-friendly way of working together.

This proven process begins by fully understanding a client’s needs. From there, a clear plan is formed, with open communication and follow-ups throughout each phase of development, allowing clients to avoid costly rewrites, band-aid solutions, awkward usability, frustration, and time delays.


Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
First things first: The goal of this stage is to clearly understand your business problem. How is your business unique in your space? Your competitive advantage is important to your success and the solution should leverage that. What are your business goals for the future? Creating a solution that’s ready to adapt when you are will eliminate anticipated future challenges. PHD Solutions will meet with your key stakeholders and gather the information needed to help your business succeed.


Envision the Solution
Draw upon extensive expertise to propose the solution in high-level terms. The strategy includes clearly defining the technical requirements necessary to meet the business objectives. The proposal will include descriptions of the features to be developed, complete with wireframe drawings to help envision the solution visually.

Step 3. BUILD

Software Construction
The PHD team of professional developers expertly construct the solution for your needs. Communication is important in this phase, so it will be organized by milestones. That way you’ll always be aware of how things are going. Wherever possible a build of the solution will be placed in your hands for you to try out, test and give feedback on.

Step 4. LAUNCH

As your partner, PHD Solutions will work alongside your team to ensure a seamless rollout and integration of the software, offering indefinite support to safeguard your solution’s performance.

Traditional Approaches

Agile Process:

The Agile methodology follows an incremental approach to software solutions. It focuses on principles rather than the process. Starting with a simplistic project design and working in smaller modules means that priorities can be evaluated along the way, allowing for bug fixes and customer feedback through each sprint, avoiding costly rewrites.

Waterfall Process:

The Waterfall methodology follows a sequential design process. Each stage of development is completed before moving on to the next. An extensive plan is required from the beginning of development and must be diligently followed since adjustments to completed stages are difficult and costly.

Benefits of the PHD Process

  • Combines the benefits of the Agile and Waterfall approaches while eliminating the disadvantages.
  • Based on a full understanding of client needs.
  • Avoids costly changes.
  • Provides solutions that are ready to grow with you.

  • Uses cutting-edge technology.
  • Balanced between proven solutions and inspired ideas.
  • Mitigates risks while encouraging innovation.
Purolator Quick Stop Kiosk

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PHD Solutions is proud to have developed the software for Purolator’s first Quick Stop Kiosk.

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