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In ancient Greek philosophy, the “Golden Mean” described a desirable spot on the scale between two extremes. For example, optimism and pessimism are opposites, and the right answer for a given situation lies in-between. In art and design, the Golden Mean describes a visually pleasing balance of proportion and symmetry. Imagine where a painting looks right when hung on a wall. Not too high, not too low. PHD Solutions subscribes to this “Sweet Spot” approach to developing intelligent software solutions for hard business challenges.

PHD Logo
  • The right sized company: not too big to create rigid inefficiencies and excessive costs, but not too small to handle any challenge.
  • The right approach: a balance between proven solutions and inspired ideas.
  • The right process: a combination of a step by step waterfall to mitigate risk, and an agile path to encourage innovation

The new PHD Solutions logo is built on the mathematics of the Golden Mean and represents the “Sweet Spot” business philosophy.

When choosing PHD, you benefit from our years of experience and proven track record of successful software development. Our team is committed to solving your business challenges by calling on the right professionals for the project, from all areas of development.

Paul Driegen

Paul Driegen

Over 20 years experience in all aspects of software architecture and development. He founded PHD Solutions in 2013 in order to provide professional software consulting and development services to a growing client roster. He thrives on problem-solving and has expertly crafted solutions in the fields of transportation & logistics, inventory control, image recognition systems, 2D and 3D scanning solutions and many more. These solutions have been deployed on many different form factors, from servers to user workstations, and from mass-produced phones to completely custom-built mobile hardware. Many of his solutions are used by field service workers and in logistics warehouses across Canada on a daily basis.

When he’s not busy puzzling over the latest challenge or spending quality time with his lovely wife and 3 children, you’ll likely find him down by the river with a fly rod, casting for trout.

Jonathan Malda

Jonathan Malda

An accomplished Professional Engineer who fell in love with software over 20 years ago while creating applications for The Bata Shoe Museum, and George Weston Limited. Since then Jonathan has created scalable enterprise software solutions that are used in a variety of markets including transportation, direct-store-delivery, claims processing, warehousing, and kiosks. Jonathan enjoys working with people, understanding their business needs, and providing value through the efficient capture and transmission of data, and the processing and presentation of that data to enable better business decisions.

When not involved in software he can be found around a campfire with his family, flying remote controlled planes, or building dry stone walls.

Together, Paul and Jonathan provide the ideal combination between the art and business of software development.

Working together, Paul & Jon have built a suite of enterprise mobility solutions for some of the largest parcel delivery companies in Canada including Purolator Courier, CanPar Courier, ICS Courier, TST Overland and others.

PHD Solutions works hand-in-hand with the best global human resources to assemble a custom-built team that adjusts to suit your individual project needs. Our flexibility in team members translates to lean overhead in your project budget. We are able to incorporate the best new talents, as well as professionals such as lead architects, systems developers, UI/UX designers, professional engineers, and project managers as needed.

Benefits of the PHD Process

  • Able to work either independently to craft a solution to your needs OR we can work with your team to maximize productivity.

  • Ability to create a custom built team around the needs of our clients and individual projects.

  • Years of experience combined with proven results.

  • Low overhead and reasonable rates provide added value.

Purolator Quick Stop Kiosk

Recent Solutions

PHD Solutions is proud to have developed the software for Purolator’s first Quick Stop Kiosk.

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PHD Solutions is ready to understand your needs, and to create an intelligent software solution for your complex business challenge.

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