Purolator trusted the creation of the software for their first-of-its-kind standalone ‘shop and ship’ Quick Stop Kiosk to PHD Solutions Inc.

The Quick Stop Kiosk hardware was designed and built by a local kiosk manufacturer. PHD Solutions created the software and easy-to-use interface to make this kiosk come to life.

The Purolator Quick Stop Kiosk consists of two individual machines and software elements; the Quick Set-up Kiosk and the Quick Drop Kiosk.

Purolator Quick Stop Kiosk

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The Quick Set-up Kiosk

The Quick Set-up Kiosk allows users to generate shipping labels for their parcels in four easy steps. Customers place their shipping parcel on a weigh scale, which combined with the enVision™ Dimensioner, calculates the weight and dimensions of the package.

Using an intuitive touch screen, customers enter the destination of the package and pay for the courier service using credit cards, debit cards or their Purolator account number.

Once the transaction is completed, the Kiosk prints both a customer receipt and parcel labels. Touch screen display directs consumers to the Quick Drop Kiosk to complete their shipping process.

PHD Solutions was responsible for development and integration of the UX, barcode scanner, label printer, receipt printer, weigh scale, enVision™ Dimensioner, payment terminal and other hardware peripherals.

Quick Drop Kiosk Purolator

The Quick Drop Kiosk

The Quick Drop Kiosk serves as the intake step in the shipment process. Users scan the barcode provided on the shipping label they received from the Quick Set-up Kiosk. A parcel door opens where customers can place their parcel. Once completed, the parcel door closes securely inducting their parcel and begins the shipment tracking process.

PHD Solutions was responsible for development and integration of the UX, custom-built motor controller, barcode scanner, label printer and other hardware peripherals.

“We’re excited to be the first company in Canada to bring this revolutionary level of consumer experience to shoppers through Purolator’s Quick Stop Kiosk,”
– John Ferguson, Purolator president and CEO


  • Software platform was integrated with Purolator’s backend rating and shipping systems to seamlessly allow shipments created at the kiosk into their tracking and POS infrastructure

  • Software is Moneris Certified, meaning it can reliably and safely handle customer tap and swipe payments of all major credit cards, debit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Utilizes PHD Solutions’ own enVision™ Technology to determine physical object dimensions. enVision™ Technology is a versatile, stand-alone SDK that uses state-of-the art 3D cameras to detect and cube physical objects

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